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Now That I'm No Longer American

Last night Brad and I were trying to revise our plans for the future now that we know I’m no longer American. We’d like to live somewhere where we can get together occasionally so we can reminisce about the days when we shared a house, a family, and a nationality. The problem is we don’t know where Jewland is! If it’s what used to be the Pale of Settlement, we figured I might be able to get citizenship in Lithuania (they have the right of return if you can prove your great grandparents lived there during a certain period of time in the 20th century—mine did, though since they were killed there and all their belongings were destroyed, it will be challenging to prove) and he would see if Germany would take him back (generations ago his ancestors, who were Anabaptists, fled Germany due to religious persecution). Then, because Lithuania and Germany share a border and are both in the European Union, he could easily come visit me by saying he was going “shopping,” as Germans used to do back…

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